About Gullah Renaissance

Charleston, S.C. and the Lowcountry, is a culturally preserved fusion, blossoming with rich beauty, a colorful history, and timeless beauty that can still be seen and heard in the eyes and languages of the people still living in this region today.

Out of the traditions and sounds of the Gullah culture rich in Geechee etymology, along with the taste of traditional Lowcountry delicacies like she crab soup and rice perlot, mixed with the artistic inspiration of young men and women on Lowcountry streets; Gullah Renaissance was born.  We are so much more than a brand or a store, Gullah Renaissance is a Lifestyle, an imprint plucked from a unique lineage.  With a style, sound, and essence so valuable, we’ve come to understand that culture is our inheritance.

Established in 2018. As the world begins to learn about the fascinating heritage of the Gullah Geechee culture, those who are from the Lowcountry see some of the remnants of our long traditions slowly dwindling. Land, dialect, and the mere presence of those who were brought here 200 years ago, can be found sprinkled throughout the Gullah Corridor.  With an urge to remember this unique culture, our people and our land inspired what is now known as Gullah Renaissance. These Gullah inspired gifts would not only be a testament of the beauty of the Lowcountry,  but it would be a reflection and a dedication to the artisans, history, and presence of the Gullah Geechee culture.