Mosquito Beach is living history!  Which is why we had to create our first design in honor of this location. As one of six beaches accessible to African Americans, Mosquito Beach was special to the Charleston region. There are accounts of men who didn’t leave Folly Beach by a certain time returning home beaten and bloodied and is what made Mosquito Beach so important

As the “Black Oasis”, former factory workers from the nearby oyster factory who had been laid off would still gather along King Flats Creek to fellowship and enjoy local seafood. And of course, what we know as Mosquito Beach today, was named after those pesky mosquitoes along the marsh. 

According to Susan Chavis in 2015 wrote, “the intent of Mosquito Beach was to give African Americans a place to enjoy themselves by visiting with friends, listening to music, and dancing, enjoying freshly prepared seafood and ‘soul food’ and flirting and finding romance. Here, people could put aside the pressures and negativity associated with racial inequality and simply enjoy life.”